About SEA

About us:

The Israeli company was established over ten years ago, and their collections and exclusive designs of affordably priced fashion art jewellery are found in many leading designer boutiques, and at international fashion events.
As well the brand is known at the on-board duty free catalogues.
The company designs and produces high end fashion jewellery for women and men . Following the global trend that prefers semi-precious over precious stones, and provides a fashionable statement to the wearer that is both modern, classy and versatile.
The designs are in tune with leading forecasts and international fashion trends, made from the finest natural materials, top quality leather, 24 karat gold and 925 silver plating, semi-precious stones and Swarovski Crystals. The company is always on the lookout for new and unique advances materials to incorporate into new collections.

The usage of many materials are making The collections versatile and 
laborated – creating the feeling that everyone can relate and find their favorite jewel.
If you were wondering -
SEA is the initial of Smadar Eliasaf and Sigal Artzi – the duo are partners for over 10 years-  smadar , the artist, the master mind behind the designs. Sigal is expanding the line to many costumers as possible worldwide .

Few words about the team:
The SEA Smadar Eliasaf brand was Established in 2002, by Smadar Eliasaf and Sigal Artzi.
Smadar, a sculptor and silversmith by trade, has been designing art jewelry for over twenty years. Managing the design and creative department, Smadar is always working on her next collection and exploring new materials. 
Sigal, is busy taking the label to new markets. Together, they have introduced SEA Smadar collections to destinations around the globe, and have created an internationally acclaimed brand with exceptional quality and exclusive designs. 

Worldwide Standing & Distribution
SEA Smadar Jewelry is an established brand on more than 20 airlines worldwide and is rated high in its category onboard.
The careully selected pieces chosen to create onboard collections enjoy international success and have outstanding recognition for both the jewelry's quality and costumer service.
The collections are on permanent display in leading designer boutique and featured regularly at fashion events such as Fashion Market LA, Accessories The Show, New York, and Magic Las Vegas. Sea was also chosen to present the collection at the Fashion Week L.A and Fashion Week, Toronto, Canada.

Special Projects

One of the brand's guidelines is the desire to give back to society. With that thought in mind, we founded in 2013 a jewelry workshop for people with special needs, which are in charge of preparing the packages and jewelry boxes. The Daily contact with them, together with the fact that we provide work, and more importantly- satisfaction and fun, for people with special needs is very important to us, beyond the regular workflow and promoting the brand around the world.